Version 2021

Dynamic Sourcing

The general goal of reporting on data in Intelligent Cubes is to create reports that are linked to a published Intelligent Cube. Dynamic sourcing makes Intelligent Cubes more accessible by allowing regular reports to automatically access published Intelligent Cubes that can satisfy the data requirements of the report.

This can improve the performance of reports, which get executed against an Intelligent Cube, without having to manually find and select the Intelligent Cube that fits the analysis of the report. If the data requirements for the report change, or cannot be satisfied by an available Intelligent Cube, the reports automatically access the data warehouse to return the required information.

To support dynamic sourcing, you will need to configure your projects, Intelligent Cubes, reports, attributes, metrics, and any aggregate tables you use. This appendix describes the benefits of dynamic sourcing, the necessary steps to support dynamic sourcing, and how to track how successful dynamic sourcing is for your project. This section assumes you are familiar with the information in Sharing Sets of Data Among Reports: Intelligent Cubes.

The sections listed below describe the following information: