Version 2021

Setting up projects to log statistics to the statistics database

Projects can be configured to log statistics in two ways:

From MicroStrategy Developer, used to set each project to log different levels of statistics (see the System Administration Help)
From the Configuration Wizard, used to create the Statistics database instance and turn on basic statistics for all projects in the metadata (follow the procedure below)

To use the Configuration Wizard to configure projects to log basic statistics

1 From the Windows Start menu, point to All Programs, then MicroStrategy Tools, and then select Configuration Wizard.
2 Select Configure Intelligence Server and click Next. The Server Configuration: Metadata Connection page opens.

Enterprise Manager Metadata Repository

3 Select the Data Source Name for the Enterprise Manager metadata database from the drop-down list.
4 Type a valid User Name and Password for this database. Click Next.
5 If you have previously configured Intelligence Server, click Next until you reach the Statistics Configuration page. If this is the first time you are configuring Intelligence Server, click Help for instructions to configure Intelligence Server.

Default statistics database instance

6 On the Statistics Configuration page, select the Make this my default Statistics Database Instance for the local Intelligence Server metadata check box.
7 From the DSN drop-down list, select the data source name of the database to use for the default statistics repository.
8 Type a valid User Name and Password for this database.
9 Select the Enable Basic Statistics (For newly created projects and existing projects not logging statistics) check box.
10 Click Next. The Summary page opens.
11 Review the information on the page; when you are ready, click Finish. The process can take several minutes.
12 When finished, you see a confirmation that it completed. Click Return. The Welcome to MicroStrategy Configuration Wizard page opens. Click Exit to close it.

After the projects are set up to log statistics, you must also check that the database connection feature for using parameterized queries is enabled. For steps on this, see Configuring database connections to use parameterized queries.

Configuring database connections to use parameterized queries

For each project source containing projects that log statistics in the statistics repository, you must ensure that the database connection used for the statistics repository has the feature enabled to use parameterized queries.

To enable parameterized queries in the database connection

1 In MicroStrategy Developer, log in to the server (three-tier) project source containing the projects that are logging statistics.
2 Right-click one of the projects that is logging statistics and select Project Configuration. The Project Configuration Editor opens.
3 Expand the Database instances category, and select the SQL Data warehouses subcategory.
4 In the Database instances list, select the database instance that is configured to log statistics, then click Modify. The Database Instances dialog box opens.
5 In the Database connection (default) list, select the connection used for the statistics repository database, and click Modify. The Database Connections dialog box opens.
6 Click the Advanced tab and select the Use parameterized queries check box.
7 Click OK three times to save the changes and return to the MicroStrategy Developer interface.
8 Repeat the above steps for other three-tier project sources containing projects that are logging statistics to the statistics repository.

Configure an additional database driver setting

If your statistics and Enterprise Manager repository is in an Oracle, Sybase, or Teradata database, you must configure an additional ODBC driver setting so the information is recorded properly in the statistics repository.

9 Open the ODBC Data Source Administrator tool in Windows.
10 Select the DSN for your statistics and Enterprise Manager repository and click Modify. The ODBC Driver Setup dialog box opens.
11 Perform the following according to your database:
Oracle: click the Advanced tab and select the Enable SQLDescribeParam check box.
Teradata: click Options and select the Enable Extended Statement Information check box.
12 Click OK twice to save the change and close the ODBC Data Source Administrator dialog box.

After the projects are properly logging statistics for the system usage, you must set up the Enterprise Manager project so that you can run reports about that usage. For steps, see Creating the Enterprise Manager project.