MicroStrategy ONE

Opening a report

Reports that display your business data are the focus and goal of business intelligence. Reports allow you to gather business insight through data analysis. The results displayed in any MicroStrategy report are often a starting point for further investigation.

Use the steps below to open a sample report in the Tutorial project, to become familiar with a standard grid report in MicroStrategy.

To open a report

  1. Log into MicroStrategy Web. Follow the steps above to log in (Starting MicroStrategy Web).
  2. In the Tutorial project, click Shared Reports.
  3. Expand Subject Areas, expand Sales and Profitability Analysis, and then click Category Sales Report to run the report and see the sample data results. This is a MicroStrategy grid report.

Use the rest of this chapter to help you understand how to read a grid report. The information you learn will help you throughout the rest of this guide.