Version 2020

Use HyperIntelligence for Web

The HyperIntelligence for Web extension allows you to select which cards are enabled or disabled, as well as whether or not you want to disable HyperIntelligence for specific web pages. Based on the permissions granted, users will have access to the cards based on the connected environment.

To access the extension menu, click on the MicroStrategy logo in your extension toolbar.

How to Enable and Disable Cards

Open the extension menu and use the toggles next to any card to enable or disable it. Cards will be grayed out once they are disabled.

How to Disable Websites

To prevent the extension from being used in certain websites:

  1. From the extension, click Settings .
  2. Enter the website's URL.
  3. Click Add Website.
  4. Click Remove to remove the site from the Disabled Website list.

How to View Cards

Hover over underlined keyword attributes to open a card.

Keyword attributes that have triggered more than one card will be underlined in multiple colors. For instance if you search for a customer that has an opportunity and prospect card, when you hover over the keyword attribute you will see a carousel containing both.