Version 2021

Current Limitations

These are the current limitations of MicroStrategy for Office 2021 . The add-in is updated with new features every quarter.

Datasets and Cubes

Make sure the dataset you want to import is an in-memory cube. Live-connect cubes are not supported.


Reports with page-by filters are not yet supported.


When importing objects, MicroStrategy for Office preserves some types of formatting applied to tables, while it resets some to default. For details, see below.

Excel Formatting

While refreshing data MicroStrategy for Office 2021 will keep the custom formatting applied to your data in Excel, unless the number of columns in the original report has changed.

Formatting Imported From MicroStrategy

  • Number of digits after a decimal
  • The thousands separator
  • Currency symbols
  • Percent notation and symbol
  • Dates, time, fractions, etc.
  • Negative notation type (minus, parentheses, the color red, and their combinations)

Formatting Not Imported From MicroStrategy

  • The symbol used as a decimal separator (comma or a period): this is controlled by your operating system's date, time, and region settings
  • Conditional formatting
  • Alignment
  • Font
  • Color
  • Lines
  • AutoStyles
  • Banding