Version 2021

Connect to Google BigQuery from Web

  1. Select Create > Add External Data and search for Google BigQuery.
  2. Select either the Google BigQuery Native API, Driver, or JDBC.
  3. Click Select Tables, Type a Query, or Build a Query.
  4. Click the icon next to Data Sources.
  5. Select DSN-less Data Sources from the Data Source window.
  6. From the Database and Version drop-downs, select Google BigQuery.

  7. To enable faster data transfer, enable the high-throughput API by clicking Show connection string and select Edit connection string. Search for the parameter EnableHTAPI=0 and change it to EnableHTAPI=1.

    Before changing this parameter, the Storage API must be enabled in the Google BigQuery project. Note that Storage API is only supported if the Google BigQuery dataset exists in the US or EU regions.

    To transfer result sets larger than 10 GB in size, extend the LargeResultsTempTableExpirationTime to 36000000 milliseconds, which is the equivalent of 10 hours or more.

  8. To enable dataset listing from multiple projects, click Show Connection String, and select the Edit connection string checkbox.
  9. In the Connection String textbox, enter the parameter AdditionalProjects= with a comma separated list of additional projects. The final list of datasets will contain all datasets from the default project and all datasets from the additional projects. For example, AdditionalProjects=project_name_1,project_name_2,project_name_3.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Click on the created data source to connect.