Version 2021

Move Objects between Environments Using Migration Packages

This feature is only available for administrator users.

You must configure the MicroStrategy Storage Service in Workstation to use this feature.

Create a Migration Package

  1. Open the Workstation window.
  2. Lasso the objects you want to migrate, right-click, and choose Migrate.

  3. Modify the Package Name, if necessary.
  4. Add objects to the package by dragging them from the left pane or clicking Add Objects.

  5. To add dependent objects, select objects, right-click, and choose Add Dependencies.

  6. Choose the dependencies you want to add to your package. Objects from other categories are not added.

    Dependent objects appear in the Create Package dialog in the tree view.

  7. Set the Action for objects in the package. The action determines the how the object is saved in the source environment.

  8. Click Settings to set ACL Options for migrating objects.

  9. In the left pane, click Summary to view package details.

  10. Click Create.

Migrate Packages

  1. In the Navigation pane of the Workstation window, click Migrations to view all available packages. Packages are available when either the source environment, target environment, or both environments for the package are connected in Workstation.

  2. Choose the Request Migration or Migrate action and set the target environment and project.

    For the Request Migration action, this step is optional. The request is sent to the Admin and target information can be set upon Migrate action.

  3. Click OK.

    If you selected Request Migration, the status is changed and the package awaits the migration to be performed by an admin. If you selected Migrate, the package is migrated to the target environment.