Version 2021

Link a Text Field or Image to a Dossier

You can link a text field or image to another dossier and pass filter selections or prompt answers.

There are limitations when using links. For more information, see KB484398: Limitations for using contextual linking in dossiers.

  1. Right-click the text field or image you want to link and choose Create Link.

  2. Click Dossier.

  3. Select the Dossier you want to link to and specify a landing Page.

  4. Enter the Tooltip text that appears when you hover over the text field or image.
  5. Choose whether you want to Pass the filter conditions to the target page. If your end users are using MicroStrategy Web, you can choose to open the dossier in a new browser tab.
  6. If you are linking to a prompted dossier, choose a prompt and a corresponding answer.
  7. Click Save.