Version 2021

Format Panel for Geospatial Service Visualizations

Once you add a geospatial service visualization to a dossier, you can format it.


  1. Open an existing dossier that contains a geospatial service visualization.
  2. Select the entire visualization or just the area you want to format.
  3. In the left toolbar, click Format .

Visualization Options

Map Layout Choose to change the map style, display map labels, show the toolbar, or set geographic units.

Zoom Behavior When selecting locations on the map, choose to dynamically refit the contents for optimal display or keep the current zoom level. You can also choose to remember the current zoom level, freeze pan and zoom, or zoom through layers. If you allow zooming through layers, set the zoom level for each layer.

Data Points Select options for displaying your data points using markers, bubbles, or areas.

Legend Display a legend if you are using thresholds to define colors.

Text and Form

Select options for text and shapes.

Title and Container

Select options for the title bar, fill, and border of the visualization container.