Version 2021

Create a Geospatial Service Visualization with Markers

You can create a geospatial service visualization with image or bubble markers.

  1. Open a dossier.
  2. In the top toolbar, click Insert Visualization .
  3. Choose Map > Geospatial Service .
  4. Make sure your geo attribute is accurately defined. For example, if your data contains county names, right-click the geo attribute in the Datasets panel and choose County from the Define Geography dropdown. If your data is City, State, choose City, State from the dropdown. You can add additional layers to add more data as needed.

  5. In the Datasets panel, double-click attributes and metrics to add them to the visualization. A geospatial service visualization with markers requires at least one geo attribute and one metric.

    Change the transparency of bubbles to display on top of an area map.