Interface RWUserAttribute

  • All Superinterfaces:
    KeyedObject, RWDataSetItem, RWUserObject

    public interface RWUserAttribute
    extends RWUserObject
    THIS INTERFACE IS NOT SUPPORTED FOR USE IN CUSTOM APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT. THE INTERFACE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE IN FUTURE RELEASES AND SOME METHODS AND PROPERTIES MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR CUSTOM DEVELOPMENT. The RWUserAttribute class represents an additional derived attribute added to the grid or data set. Those attributes are not added to the data set working set but rather a kept in the separate collection.
    • Method Detail

      • getAttribute

        WebAttribute getAttribute()
        get corresponding #WebAttribute object
      • addForm

        void addForm​(java.lang.String formId,
                     java.lang.String name,
                     java.lang.Integer index,
                     java.lang.String formula,
                     java.lang.Integer bft)
        add a form to this derived attribute
        formId - id of the system form to add, null means to add a new managed form
        name - name of the new managed form if formId is null
        index - position of the form to add, null or 0 means to add back
        formula - base form formula
        bft - base form type
      • updateForm

        void updateForm​(java.lang.String formId,
                        java.lang.String name,
                        java.lang.String formula,
                        java.lang.Integer bft,
                        java.lang.Boolean isTokenStream,
                        java.lang.Boolean isDisplayForm)
        update form of this derived attribute
        formId - id of the form to update
        name - new name
        formula - new base form formula
        bft - new base form type
        isTokenStream - true to update formula with token stream
        isDisplayForm - true to add the form to display forms collection, false to remove the form from display forms collection, null to do nothing
      • removeForm

        void removeForm​(java.lang.String formId)
        remove form from this derived attribute
        formId - id of the form to remove
      • isOLAP

        boolean isOLAP()
        return whether this derived attribute is OLAP.
        true for OLAP DA.
      • getArity

        int getArity()
        returns arity of this derived attribute.
        arity of this derived attribute
      • getEvFlags

        int getEvFlags()