Interface RWGridIfSettings

  • public interface RWGridIfSettings
    MicroStrategy Web 9.0.1
    • Method Detail

      • isRowsIfEnabled

        boolean isRowsIfEnabled()
        Returns true if incremental fetch on grid rows is enables
      • getRowPosition

        int getRowPosition()
        Returns current rows incremental fetch position
      • getMaxRows

        int getMaxRows()
        Returns maximum number of rows per page.
      • isColumnsIfEnabled

        boolean isColumnsIfEnabled()
        Returns true if incremental fetch on columns is enabled
      • getColPosition

        int getColPosition()
        Returns the current columns incremental fetch position
      • getMaxColumns

        int getMaxColumns()
        Returns maximum number of columns per page
      • getRowMode

        int getRowMode()
      • getColMode

        int getColMode()