Interface WebUserSearch

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    EnumWebPersistableState, Persistable

    public interface WebUserSearch
    extends Persistable
    This interface provides some search abilities available for users. This interface can be used to search for users who are using a certain security filter for a certain project, AND using a certain security role for a certain project. The project information is a must have for search based on security filter, but an optional for search based on security role. The search only searches these information set directly at user/group level. It does not search information inherited from its parent group. On this interface, a WebSearch object can be retrieved to pre-select a collection of users which this search will apply on. The result will be the intersection of the results from WebSearch and the search results from the security filter and security role criteria set on this interface.
    MicroStrategy Web 7.5.2
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      • setProject

        void setProject​(WebProjectInstance project)
        Sets the project context.
      • Security filter is a per project concept, and the relationship between security role and user is also defined at project level. So, this setting is mandatory for security filter related search.
      • Even the relationship between user and security role set at project level, security role itself is a per-server concept. For security role only search, this setting is optional. If the project is set, then the search will looking for users who have certian security role for this project. If this project is not set, then the search will looking for users who have certain security role for any project.
project - The project which search will be perform upon.