Interface WebPrivileges

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    public interface WebPrivileges
    The WebPrivileges interface is a collection of WebPrivilegeEntry objects. This interface represents a read-only set of privileges - this is used primarily for lists of full privileges. There also exists a read-write privilege interface which extends this interface - WebEditablePrivileges.
    MicroStrategy Web 7.5.2
    • Method Detail

      • includes

        boolean includes​(int privilege)
        Returns whether the given privilege is contained in the collection.
        privilege - The privilege to check for in the collection, a value from EnumDSSXMLPrivilegeTypes.
        True if the privilege exists in the collection, false otherwise.
      • size

        int size()
        Returns the size of the collection.
        The number of privileges in the collection.
      • get

        WebPrivilegeEntry get​(int index)
        Returns the privilege at the given index in the collection.
        index - The index of the privilege to return.
        The WebPrivilegeEntry object at the given index.
      • getItemByType

        WebPrivilegeEntry getItemByType​(int privilege)
        Returns the item in the collection with the given privilege type. An error is thrown if no privilege with the given type exists in the collection.
        privilege - The privilege to search for in the collection, from EnumDSSXMLPrivilegeTypes.
        The WebPrivilegeEntry object with the given privilege type.