Interface CacheResultsOnServerLevel

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    public interface CacheResultsOnServerLevel
    extends MonitorResults
    The interface CacheResults represents the result of a cache retrieval.
    MicroStrategy Web 9.0.0
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      • size

        int size()
        Returns the number of Caches in the current collection.
        the number of Caches in the collection.
      • getLoadedTotalCount

        int getLoadedTotalCount()
        Returns the total loaded cache counts on IServer level.
      • getUnloadedTotalCount

        int getUnloadedTotalCount()
        Returns the total unloaded cache counts on IServer level.
      • isServerLevel

        boolean isServerLevel()
        Returns flag for control fetching caches on IServer level or not.
      • getCacheManipulationStatus

        CacheManipulationStatus getCacheManipulationStatus()
        Returns the cache manipulation status. Notes: The cache asynchronous manipulation process: step1: use the "mcbs" xml command with async flag to manipulate cache, IServer will return request id back. step2: use the "gcui" xml command with request id to get the above manipulation status info(ready, failure, or still processing).