Interface BatchLicenseAudit

  • public interface BatchLicenseAudit
    The BatchLicenseAudit interface allows the user to retrieve results of the audit in an incremental manner. The batch audit is identified by its ID – when the LicenseSource.newBatchAudit(WebUserEntity, int) method is called, a new audit job is started on the Intelligence Server, and the first set of results from the job are retrieved (using the blockCount given). From that point on, the audit will continue to run on the Intelligence Server, and the results can be retrieved when needed in chunks.
    MicroStrategy Web 8.0.2
    • Method Detail

      • setBlockCount

        void setBlockCount​(int count)
        Sets the block count to incrementally audit users.
        count - the block count.
      • getBlockCount

        int getBlockCount()
        Returns the block count to incrementally audit users.
        the block count.
      • getAuditID

        int getAuditID()
        Return the batch audit handle ID.
        a unique identifier for a batch audit.
      • isEndOfAudit

        boolean isEndOfAudit()
        Returns whether it is the end of user license auditing. If it is end of auditing, the auditing handle will be deleted automatically.
        true if we reach the end of auditing.