Interface WebSubscriptionContacts

    • Method Detail

      • size

        int size()
        Returns the current size of the collection
        the number of WebSubscriptionContact objects in the collection
      • isEmpty

        boolean isEmpty()
        Returns whether the current collection is empty or not
      • getTotalCount

        int getTotalCount()
        Returns the total count of WebSubscriptionContact objects that is returned. Please note that this is different from the size() method. This method is useful in determining whether there are more WebSubscriptionContact objects that could be obtained by an incremental fetch.
      • isReadOnly

        boolean isReadOnly()
        Returns whether the current collection is read-only
      • remove

        void remove​(int index)
        Removes the WebSubscriptionContact object at the given index from the collection
        index -
      • clear

        void clear()
        Clears all items from the collection.