Interface WebConstantNode

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    WebNode, WebPromptableNode, WebPromptSite, WebValueNode

    public interface WebConstantNode
    extends WebValueNode
    The WebConstantNode interface represents a constant node within an expression. This interface contains methods specific to a constant node. For methods which apply to all nodes, see the WebNode interface, which this one extends.
    MicroStrategy Web 7.3.1 or earlier
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      • getType

        int getType()
        Returns the constant type of the current node.
        The constant type of this node. This value should come from EnumDSSXMLDataType.
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      • setType

        void setType​(int dataType)
        Sets the constant type of the current node.
        dataType - The constant type to set on the current node, from EnumDSSXMLDataType.
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