Interface ProjectIndexMetadata

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    public interface ProjectIndexMetadata
    This interface defines class ProjectIndexMetadata, this class is used in the search index. Right now we only support get the project index metadata from backend but not save it back. 10/18/2013 @author swang
    MicroStrategy Web cloud OM.
    • Method Detail

      • getIncrementalCrawlState

        int getIncrementalCrawlState()
        Get incremental crawl state
      • setIncrementalCrawlState

        void setIncrementalCrawlState​(int incrementalCrawlState)
        Set incremental crawl state
      • getInitialCrawlState

        int getInitialCrawlState()
        Get initial crawl state
      • setInitialCrawlState

        void setInitialCrawlState​(int initialCrawlState)
        Set initial crawl state
      • getLastIncrementalCrawlTime

        java.lang.String getLastIncrementalCrawlTime()
        Get last Incremental crawl time
      • setLastIncrementalCrawlTime

        void setLastIncrementalCrawlTime​(java.lang.String lastIncrementalCrawlTime)
        Set last incremental crawl time
      • getLastRealTimeUpdateTime

        java.lang.String getLastRealTimeUpdateTime()
        Get last realtime update time
      • setLastRealTimeUpdateTime

        void setLastRealTimeUpdateTime​(java.lang.String lastRealTimeUpdateTime)
        Set last realtime update time
      • getNumerOfObjectsAlreadyCrawled

        int getNumerOfObjectsAlreadyCrawled()
        Get number of objects already crawled.
      • setNumerOfObjectsAlreadyCrawled

        void setNumerOfObjectsAlreadyCrawled​(int objectsAlreadyCrawled)
        Set number of objects already crawled.
      • getTotalObjectsNeedToCrawled

        int getTotalObjectsNeedToCrawled()
        Get total number of objects need to crawled.
      • setTotalObjectsNeedToCrawled

        void setTotalObjectsNeedToCrawled​(int totalObjectsNeedToCrawled)
        Set total number of objects need to crawled.
      • getProjectID

        java.lang.String getProjectID()
        Get project GUID.
      • setProjectID

        void setProjectID​(java.lang.String projectID)
        Set project GUID.
      • getProjectName

        java.lang.String getProjectName()
        Get project name
      • setProjectName

        void setProjectName​(java.lang.String projectName)
        Set project name