Class VisualizationsEditorTransform

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AppTransform, LayoutTransform, Transform

    public class VisualizationsEditorTransform
    extends AbstractEditorTransform
    implements LayoutTransform
    This transform used by the visualizations editor bean.
    Allows the user to enable visualizations and specify a list of visualizations for reports and report writer documents.
    MicroStrategy Web 8.0.2
    • Field Detail

      • showListNameOnCart

        public FormalParameter showListNameOnCart
        Indicates whether to show the visualizations list name ('FLASH') as a title on the shopping cart
    • Constructor Detail

      • VisualizationsEditorTransform

        public VisualizationsEditorTransform()
    • Method Detail

      • getSupportedBeanType

        public java.lang.Class getSupportedBeanType()
        Description copied from class: AbstractAppTransform
        Returns the supported bean type. This abstract Transform supports all WebComponents so every sub-class should override this method to return the class of the Bean the Transform is expecting, for example:
         public class CustomReportClass extends AbstractAppTransform {
            public Class getSupportedBeanType() {
                //This Transform is expected to work only with a ReportBean,
                //therefore this method needs to return this class:
                return ReportBean.class;
        Specified by:
        getSupportedBeanType in interface Transform
        getSupportedBeanType in class AbstractAppTransform
        a root class/interface supported by this transform.
      • getCart

        protected Cart getCart()
        Creates and initializes the Cart instance used by this Transform.
        The Cart object used to render the available and selected visualizations.
      • renderVisualizationsEnabled

        public void renderVisualizationsEnabled​(MarkupOutput out)
        Renders the visualizations enabled checkbox
        out - MarkupOutput to generate the HTML.
      • renderCart

        public void renderCart​(MarkupOutput out)
        Renders the Shopping Cart with the available and selected visualizations.
        out - MarkupOutput to generate the HTML.
      • renderSetVisualizationMode

        public void renderSetVisualizationMode​(MarkupOutput out)
        Renders the visualization set option
        out - MarkupOutput to generate the HTML.
      • renderSecondaryDataSources

        public void renderSecondaryDataSources​(MarkupOutput out)
        MicroStrategy Web 8.1.1
      • renderVisPropsEditorButton

        public void renderVisPropsEditorButton​(MarkupOutput out)
      • renderMobileOptions

        public void renderMobileOptions​(MarkupOutput out)
        Renders the mobile options (iPhone, iPad and Android)
        out - MarkupOutput to generate the HTML.
      • initializeCart

        protected void initializeCart​(Cart cart)
        Initializes the Cart instance used by this Transform.
        cart - Cart to be initialized.
      • getScriptClass

        protected java.lang.String getScriptClass()
        Returns the name of the javaScript class to be associated with the component
        getScriptClass in class AbstractAppTransform
        mstrVisualizationsEditorImpl, the default bone for editors.
      • getDescription

        public java.lang.String getDescription()
        Description copied from interface: Transform
        Returns a textual description of the transform.
        Specified by:
        getDescription in interface Transform
        The textual description of the transform.