Class SubscriptionEditPrintTransform

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AppTransform, Transform

    public class SubscriptionEditPrintTransform
    extends SubscriptionEditFileTransform
    This class renders the output to create/edit an file export subscription. It supports creating file export subscriptions for prompted and non-prompted reports. It uses a SubscriptionBean for this.
    MicroStrategy Web 8.0.0
    • Field Detail

      • showCollateOption

        public FormalParameter showCollateOption
        Indicates if we need to show the collate option for print properties.

        public static final java.lang.String FP_SHOW_COLLATE_OPTION
        Name for the Formal Parameter FP_SHOW_COLLATE_OPTION
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    • Constructor Detail

      • SubscriptionEditPrintTransform

        public SubscriptionEditPrintTransform()
        The default constructor. Initializes the formal parameters.