Class ReportTimelineVisualizationTransform

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AppTransform, ReportDataTransform, LayoutTransform, Transform

    public class ReportTimelineVisualizationTransform
    extends AbstractReportDataVisualizationTransform
    Generates an HTML page that shows a timeline of the report data.
    The timeline code is obtained from
    This sample demonstrates the easy integration of MicroStrategy data with third party applications through the use of the visualization framework
    MicroStrategy Web 8.1.1
    • Constructor Detail

      • ReportTimelineVisualizationTransform

        public ReportTimelineVisualizationTransform()
    • Method Detail

      • renderShell

        public void renderShell​(MarkupOutput out)
        Description copied from class: AbstractAppTransform

        Generates the shell for this Transform.

        The shell is a <div> tag that automatically surrounds the content generated by the Transform. It's used among other things by the javascript to identify the HTML associated with a bone, and by the iFrame update technology to identify a component in the page.

        The attributes to append to this <div> are obtained from the getAttributesShellDiv method; the style from the getStyleShellDiv method.
        This method calls renderCssLink and checkStatus to generate the Transform's content.
        renderShell in class AbstractAppTransform
        out - output by this transform
      • renderReportTimelineXmlUrl

        public void renderReportTimelineXmlUrl​(MarkupOutput mo)
        Renders the URL needed to obtain the Timeline's report XML
        mo - the markup output used to render the content