Class RWSavePropertiesTransform

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    AppTransform, Transform

    public class RWSavePropertiesTransform
    extends AbstractRWTransform
    RWSavePropertiesTransform is the class that generates the output for a Report Writing document to be exported.
    Please note this transform generates a form which will be submitted automatically after displayed,
    therefore it is required the bean is transformed last in the page so any previous HTML/Javascript code
    generated by other beans on the page is executed first.
    MicroStrategy Web 8.0.0
    • Field Detail

      • eventToForwardTo

        protected FormalParameter eventToForwardTo
        This is the name of the event to redirect to after updating the report page state.
        Allowed Values: integer values representing WebEvent. It shall be defined in appBeanEvents.xml or mdBeanEvents.xml.
      • setEventArguments

        protected FormalParameter setEventArguments
        Defines if the arguments of the event to forward to should be set or not.
        Default is true, to be set to false when only passing the bean state is required.
        Allowed Values: TRUE/FALSE.
      • useURLRedirect

        protected FormalParameter useURLRedirect
        Determines whether to use a fake URL to avoid a problem with IE having two excel files open at the same time inside the browser.
        The fake URL has the following format:
      • for aspx:"Microstrategy/asp/number.exp.aspx"
      • for jsp: "Microstrategy/export/number"
        where the number is a unique identifier.
        Internally we will redirect to the appropiate ASP/servlet.
MicroStrategy Web 8.0.2
  • Constructor Detail

    • RWSavePropertiesTransform

      public RWSavePropertiesTransform()
      Default empty constructor.
      Initialize formal parameters.