Class ObjectReportXHTMLPathTransform

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      • ObjectReportXHTMLPathTransform

        public ObjectReportXHTMLPathTransform()
        Default constructor, initialize formal parameters.
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      • renderCurrentItem

        public void renderCurrentItem​(MarkupOutput out)
        Renders the title of the report.
        If parent bean for given object bean happens to be an instance of a ReportFrameBean and current report is in design mode, then a simple link will be rendered with following format: 'Design Mode:' + object name.
        If current object bean is an instance of a Report Bean then this function will render a simple link with with following format if there's an archived message: '(Archive)' + object name
        Finally, if none of this cases applied, then this function will use parent function for rendering this title accordingly.
        renderCurrentItem in class ObjectPathTransform
        out - where to write output.