Class UpdateManagerTagHelper

  • public class UpdateManagerTagHelper
    extends AbstractNoBodyTagHelper

    Title: UpdateManagerTagHelper.

    Description: Helper class for update manager tag.

    Copyright: Copyright (c) : 2004

    Company: MicroStrategy, Inc.

    MicroStrategy Web 8.0.0
    • Constructor Detail

      • UpdateManagerTagHelper

        public UpdateManagerTagHelper()
    • Method Detail

      • cleanState

        public void cleanState()
        Resest the state of the tag library, by cleaning the values of the properties initialized for this tag.
        cleanState in class MstrPageTagHelper
      • getContent

        public MarkupOutput getContent()
        Obtains the contents to render based on the attributes defined (if existing). output JavaScript to set properties of mstrUpdateManager class.
        Specified by:
        getContent in class AbstractNoBodyTagHelper
        a MarkupOutput instance initialized with the contents to display
        Throws: - if an error happens while getting the contents to render.
      • setScope

        public void setScope​(java.lang.String scope)
        Sets the value assigned to the scope attribute of the custom tag instance that uses this helper
        scope - String that indicates the scope for the Update Manager
      • setBeanName

        public void setBeanName​(java.lang.String name)
        Sets the value assigned to the beanName attribute of the custom tag instance that uses this helper
        name - String that indicates the bean to be used by the Update Manager