Interface PromptAppBean

    • Method Detail

      • getPromptBean

        PromptBean getPromptBean()
        Returns the PromptBean associated with the style bean.
        the promptBean associated with the style bean
      • isAnswerComplex

        boolean isAnswerComplex()
        Returns true if the answer is complex. The answer is complex if this style bean cannot display the answer.
        true if the answer is complex for the style bean.
      • isVisible

        boolean isVisible()
        In "Each prompt on separate page" mode, only one prompt is visible at one time. In this case, only the style bean corresponding to the visible one should return true for this method. In "All on one page" mode, all style beans should be visible.
        true if current style bean should be visible.
      • setVisible

        void setVisible​(boolean visible)
        Sets whether this style bean should be visible on the page.
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      • getPromptDisplayStyle

        java.lang.String getPromptDisplayStyle()
        The name of the display style property.