Interface ObjectSelectionBean

  • All Superinterfaces:
    AppComponent, EnumWebPersistableState, Persistable, RequestPersistable, Transformable, WebComponent

    public interface ObjectSelectionBean
    extends AppComponent, RequestPersistable
    The ObjectSelectionBean is a bean which supports the operation of selecting one or more objects in a general folder browsing structure. The ObjectSelectionBean is expected to have a FolderBean as a child in order to work properly. The ObjectSelectionBean will hold information about the current selections and the restrictions, and the FolderBean will be used to browse the available objects. Finally, it also provides accept/rollback functionality.
    MicroStrategy Web 9.0.0
    • Method Detail

      • getSizeRestriction

        int getSizeRestriction()
        Returns the size restriction of the bean - i.e. the maximum number of answers that are allowed in the bean's context. If this is 0 or -1, then there is assumed to be no maximum.
        The size restriction of the bean.
      • getTypeRestriction

        int[] getTypeRestriction()
        Returns the type restriction of the bean. If only objects of a certain type are expected to be added to the bean, then this will contain those object types, from EnumDSSXMLObjectTypes. If there is no restriction, then this will be either null or empty.
        An int array of type restriction values. Each value will be from EnumDSSXMLObjectTypes.
      • acceptChanges

        void acceptChanges()
                    throws WebAppException
        This method tells the bean to propagate the current selections back to their original source. Before this method is called, any changes made to the ObjectSelectionBean will not be reflected in the source location.
      • resetChanges

        void resetChanges()
        This method tells the bean to discard any changes and to restore the bean back to the state it was in when it was last obtained.