Interface ObjectBrowserManagerBean

  • All Superinterfaces:
    AppComponent, EnumWebPersistableState, Persistable, RequestPersistable, TabManagerBean, Transformable, WebComponent

    public interface ObjectBrowserManagerBean
    extends TabManagerBean
    This bean will be used for controlling which tab of the Object Browser feature should be shown, based on the children beans defined to this instance and the tab specification of each one of them. The manager should be used only when there's the possibility of multiple tabs being shown to the user as options. If it is for sure only one is to be shown, the manager is not required, since each child bean should be independent for processing the information and rendering its contents.
    MicroStrategy Web 8.0.0
    • Method Detail

      • isDesignMode

        boolean isDesignMode()
        Determine if the mode is design or view mode
        True if the current mode is EnumReportViewModes.ReportViewModeDesign
      • isExecuteMode

        boolean isExecuteMode()
        Determine if it's currently execute mode or not
        True if the current mode is EnumReportViewModes.ReportViewModeExecute
      • isTargetingFilter

        boolean isTargetingFilter()
        Returns if the object browser is targeting the filter or not. I.e. if the user is editing the Report Filter
        True if the user is editing the Report Filter