Interface DerivedElementsConvertDialogBean

    • Method Detail

      • getDerivedElementsEditorBean

        DerivedElementsEditorBean getDerivedElementsEditorBean()
        Returns the DerivedElementsEditorBean.
        The DerivedElementsEditorBean.
      • setConfirmMessageId

        void setConfirmMessageId​(java.lang.String msg)
        Sets the Confirmation Message ID to show in this dialog. If nothing set, internal pre-set message will be shown.
        msg - The String to shown in the dialog.
      • getConfirmMessageId

        java.lang.String getConfirmMessageId()
        Returns the confirmation message ID. If user has not set any message, it will return the internal pre-set message id.
        The confirmation message.
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      • isReport

        boolean isReport()
        Indicates whether or not this dialog popups in a report.
      • getEditorEventId

        int getEditorEventId()
        Returns the ID of DerivedElementsEditor's event which lead to popup this DerivedElementsConvertDialog. The valid ID should be EnumFrameEditorEvents.WebEventApply or EnumFrameEditorEvents.WebEventOk
      • setEditorEventId

        void setEditorEventId​(int eventId)
        Sets editor's event ID