Class AccordionTabManagerBeanImpl

    • Field Detail

      • _currentTabName

        protected java.lang.String _currentTabName
    • Constructor Detail

      • AccordionTabManagerBeanImpl

        public AccordionTabManagerBeanImpl()
    • Method Detail

      • isOpen

        public boolean isOpen()
        Description copied from class: AbstractPersistableFrameElement
        Overrides isOpen by making sure FrameElements use the FrameBean to control their open-close status. If the bean is a FrameElement and has a FrameBean as a parent, then it will ask the FrameBean if it's open, otherwise it would use the default isOpen implementation.
        Specified by:
        isOpen in interface AppComponent
        isOpen in class AbstractPersistableFrameElement
        boolean true if open
      • doCollectData

        public void doCollectData()
        Prepare the bean, collect all the information it needs before it is rendered.
      • isCookieOpen

        protected boolean isCookieOpen​(java.lang.String key)
        Checks if the given key is marked as opened. This method handles accordion related cookies differently; for other cookies it's calling super implementation
        isCookieOpen in class AbstractPersistableAppComponent
        key - String value with the key to look for on cookie values
        true if the element is open as indicated by cookies.
      • hasChanged

        public boolean hasChanged()
        Description copied from class: AbstractWebComponent
        Verifies the state of the component has changed
        Specified by:
        hasChanged in interface WebComponent
        hasChanged in class AbstractAppComponent
        boolean value indicating if the current instance or its base bean (if any defined) has been marked as changed.
      • syncTabName

        protected void syncTabName()
        This method looks at the tab with the name that matches _currentTabName. If this tab is available to show then set the _currentTab to be it. This way we make sure that the _currentTabName is being mapped to _currentTab only when the tab is available.
      • rememberLastEditorPanel

        public java.lang.String rememberLastEditorPanel()
      • getRememberLastEditorPanel

        public java.lang.String getRememberLastEditorPanel()
      • setDefaultTabNameReportRun

        public void setDefaultTabNameReportRun​(java.lang.String value)
      • setDefaultTabNameReportDesign

        public void setDefaultTabNameReportDesign​(java.lang.String value)
      • setDefaultTabNameMDXReportRun

        public void setDefaultTabNameMDXReportRun​(java.lang.String value)
      • setDefaultTabNameMDXReportDesign

        public void setDefaultTabNameMDXReportDesign​(java.lang.String value)
      • setDefaultTabNameRWRun

        public void setDefaultTabNameRWRun​(java.lang.String value)
      • setDefaultTabNameRWDesign

        public void setDefaultTabNameRWDesign​(java.lang.String value)
      • getCurrentTab

        public int getCurrentTab()
        Get the tab that it's currently selected for being displayed.
        Specified by:
        getCurrentTab in interface TabManagerBean
        int value representing the current selected tab.
      • setCurrentTab

        public void setCurrentTab​(int currentTab)
        Set the tab to be displayed by the this manager as current one.
        Specified by:
        setCurrentTab in interface TabManagerBean
        currentTab - int representing which tab is to be selected as current
      • setCurrentTabName

        public void setCurrentTabName​(java.lang.String currentTabName)
        Set the tab to be displayed by the this manager as current one by name of the tab.
        Specified by:
        setCurrentTabName in interface TabManagerBean
        currentTabName - String representing which tab is to be selected as current by name
      • getVisibleChildren

        public HashList getVisibleChildren​(boolean hideUnavailable)
        From the list of children beans defined for this manager, return a HashList of those that are currently visible or available.
        Specified by:
        getVisibleChildren in interface TabManagerBean
        hideUnavailable - TODO
        a HashList of the children beans of this manager that are visible.
      • isTabAvailable

        public boolean isTabAvailable​(TabBean childTab)
        Indicates whether the chikd tab will be available for selection.
        Specified by:
        isTabAvailable in interface TabManagerBean
        childTab - TabBean instance to test for its availability
        boolean value.
Specified by:
getXMLStatus in interface WebComponent
getXMLStatus in class AbstractAppComponent
the EnumRequestStatus of the component.
See Also:
Returns the status of the component. The status determined by by the status of its children with the following precedence.