Class SessionManager

  • public class SessionManager
    extends java.lang.Object
    All of the functionality on this class has been replaced by WebAppSessionManager. Please use that interface instead of this one. The SessionManager class has been designed as a controller for the sessions that can be opened through a Web Application with projects in one or more I-Servers. The SessionManager is also enabled to provide the list of projects that should be shown as available to the user, given a provided login or in general based on the I-Servers available.
    For recognizing one session from the other, a key is used based on the I-Server name, the Project and the Port used for connecting, so users are enabled to switch from one project to others (even in different I-Servers) and the session will be obtained and applied accordingly. Methods like fixCurrentWebIServerSession(AppContext appContext) take care of preparing which WebIServerSession instance shall be used for the rest of the user request, so the proper one is provided when the getWebIServerSession() call is done.
    The SessionManager interacts with the ExternalSecurity instance defined at the application level, which in turn can create, close and manipulate the sessions that exist defined on this SessionManager instance. If the ExternalSecurity delegates all these functions to the SessionManager, then the information provided by the user or application via the RequestKeys and other settings will be used for creating the sessions.
    MicroStrategy Web 7.3.1 or earlier
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        public static final int USE_LOCAL_CANCEL_JOBS_SESSION_FLAG
        This flag, to be used on the removeSession methods, indicates to use the original setting for cancelling jobs when closing the session
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        public static final int USE_LOCAL_DELETE_JOBS_SESSION_FLAG
        This flag, to be used on the removeSession methods, indicates to use the original setting for removing jobs when closing the session
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        public static final java.lang.String PREFERENCE_SERVER_LOCALE_DEFAULT
        Use EnumWebPreferences.PREFERENCE_LOCALE_DEFAULT
        Default value for the preference corresponding to the Server Locale. This value indicates the locale should be taken from the client's language option selected on his/her browser
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    • Constructor Detail

      • SessionManager

        public SessionManager()
        Class constructor. Initializes a new -empty- instance of the SessionManager class.
    • Method Detail

      • getExceptionInfo

        public WebAppException getExceptionInfo()
        Return the exception object that was generated while fixing the current session to use for this request.
        a WebAppException instance if any existing. Otherwise, returns null