Class ConfigChangeObserver

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    public abstract class ConfigChangeObserver
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements java.util.Observer
    Observer callback for clients interested in changes to either a ConfigFileManager directory, a specific ConfigFile.
    MicroStrategy Web 8.0.0
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      • ConfigChangeObserver

        public ConfigChangeObserver()
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      • update

        public final void update​(java.util.Observable o,
                                 java.lang.Object arg)
        This method should not be overridden. It invokes update(ConfigFileManager, File, EnumConfigFileChangeEvent), which should be implemented accordingly.
        Specified by:
        update in interface java.util.Observer
        o - the observable object.
        arg - an argument passed to the notifyObservers method.
      • update

        public abstract void update​(ConfigFileManager manager,
                                    EnumConfigFileChangeEvent event)
        Callback when a file changes.
        manager - the ConfigFileManager responsible
        file - changed file
        event - the type of change