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Metric Join Type dialog box

Before you begin

This topic assumes an understanding of compound metrics and levels.

The metric join type determines what values from the warehouse tables associated with the join are used to calculate the metric. The Metric Join Type dialog box allows you to set the join type at the metric level, which determines how the metric is joined to other metrics. This setting affects the results for all reports using the metric. In contrast, setting the metric join type at the report level affects only the results for that particular report.

Compound metrics can also have the join type set at the formula level.

Options on the dialog box

Select from the following join types:

  • Inner includes only the information common to all the elements of the metric.

  • Outer includes all the information from all the elements of the metric.

  • Default Settings level uses the default inherited value, which is an inner join.

For more information and examples, see the Advanced Reporting Help.

Accessing the Metric Join Type dialog box

In the Metric Editor, choose MetricJoin Type from the Tools menu.

How to access the Metric Editor

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