Interface EnumDSSXMLObjectLockFlags

  • public interface EnumDSSXMLObjectLockFlags
    The interface EnumDSSXMLObjectLockFlags enumerates the constants describing the object lock types.
    MicroStrategy Web 9.0.0
    • Field Detail

      • DssXmlObjectLockReserved

        static final int DssXmlObjectLockReserved
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      • DssXmlObjectLockConstituents

        static final int DssXmlObjectLockConstituents
        Indicates to lock an object as well as its constituents (as in an entire schema lock).
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      • DssXmlObjectLockPermanent

        static final int DssXmlObjectLockPermanent
        Indicates to place a permanent lock on an object that does not automatically get unlocked when a session ends.
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