Class ACMPreferenceReader<T>

  • public class ACMPreferenceReader<T>
    extends java.lang.Object
    ACMPreferenceReader reads the value from the Preferences on-demand. Once the value is read, it is retained for the remainder of the application. If the value cannot be read a default is used. You may write your own value to it, if you do that value will be used and the value from the Preferences will not be used.
    • Method Detail

      • getIsAliveCheckIntervalMillis

        public static java.lang.Long getIsAliveCheckIntervalMillis()
      • getReuseRestoredSession

        public static java.lang.Boolean getReuseRestoredSession()
      • getRCMCacheTimeout

        public static java.lang.Integer getRCMCacheTimeout()
      • getDIAlternativeSessionRequestTimeout

        public static java.lang.Integer getDIAlternativeSessionRequestTimeout()
      • getRCMTimerPeriodSeconds

        public static java.lang.Integer getRCMTimerPeriodSeconds()
        getRCMTimerPeriodSeconds gets the time that the dedicated GCMThread wakes up to do an invalidate of the GCM caches and rerun the GCM. Doing it on this thread, particularly when this timeout is shorter than getRCMCacheTimeout, will force the possibly lengthy GCM invalidation and refresh to occur on this dedicated thread, which is not a user's thread.

        If the value is <= 0 then the feature is OFF. The thread is not even created.
        The thread wake-up time for the RCMThread is in seconds.