Class ACMDistributor

  • public class ACMDistributor
    extends java.lang.Object
    • Constructor Detail

      • ACMDistributor

        public ACMDistributor()
    • Method Detail

      • runSession

        public static com.microstrategy.webapi.ACMDistDistributorData runSession​(java.lang.String iSessionId,
                                                                                 ACMConsolidator<ACMDestination.SessionDestination,​ACMDestination.SessionTargetDestination> iConsolidator,
                                                                                 java.util.Set<java.lang.String> iProjectIds)
                                                                          throws MSTRWebAPIException
        runSession uses the iConsolidator to run an XML API that requires a session, iSessionId, on one or more IServers in a Cluster. If the iProjectIds is null or empty, then all projects across the entire Cluster will be used.
        iSessionId - a Session Id created by the ACM infrastructure. It can be a MasterSessionId or it must be resolvable to a MasterSessionId
        iConsolidator - the concrete ACMConsolidator that implements the XML API logic
        iProjectIds - a list of the project ids. If it is provided, results will only be requested/collected for these given projects. Otherwise, get the results for all the projects in the cluster.
        ACMDistributorData which includes results and/or errors