Interface RWTransactable

  • All Known Subinterfaces:
    RWFieldGroupDef, RWGridGraphDef

    public interface RWTransactable
    A RWTransactbleObject is a RWUnit which can be associated with a transaction element. It could be a RWGridGraph or a RWFieldGroup
    • Method Detail

      • setTransactionElement

        void setTransactionElement​(java.lang.String transactionElementID)
        Set the transaction element associated with this object
        transactionElementID - : the dssID of the corresponding transaction report
      • getTransactionElement

        TransactionElement getTransactionElement()
        the transaction element associated with this object
      • setTransactionChangeType

        void setTransactionChangeType​(int changeType)
        Set the transaction change type on this unit
        changeType - : refer to @link EnumDSSXMLRWNodeTransactionChangeType
      • getTransactionChangeType

        int getTransactionChangeType()
        the transaction change type for this unit
      • getAutomaticTransactionRecordNumber

        int getAutomaticTransactionRecordNumber()
        Return the number of rows that should be automatically transacted at the running of the RW
        int containing the number of rows to automatically transact. -1 indicates all rows
      • getOfflineTransaction

        RWOfflineTransaction getOfflineTransaction()
        Return all the offline token xml expressions for this transactable object. It should be noted that this api should not be used to modify the transactable object
        List of String containing representation of transaction expressions.