Interface RWDataSetDetails

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    public interface RWDataSetDetails
    extends RWDetails
    MicroStrategy Web 9.0.0
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      • getDatasetId

        java.lang.String getDatasetId()
        Return the dataset ID for the dataset Use this method to get the dataset ID rather than RWDetails.getId(), because RWDetails.getId() in the parent will always to get objectId from WebMessage. When the dataset is in the document and the execution of document hits cache, no message is created and RWDetails.getId() returns null.
        dataset ID
      • getSQL

        java.lang.String getSQL()
        Return the SQL for the dataset
      • getTotalRows

        int getTotalRows()
        Return the total number of rows
      • getTotalColumns

        int getTotalColumns()
        Return the total number of columns
      • getReportDetails

        java.lang.String getReportDetails()
        Returns the report details for the dataset.
      • getReportFilterDetails

        java.lang.String getReportFilterDetails()
        Return the report filter details for the dataset
      • getViewFilterDetails

        java.lang.String getViewFilterDetails()
        Return the view filter details for the dataset
      • getTemplateDetails

        java.lang.String getTemplateDetails()
        Return the template details for the dataset
      • getPromptDetails

        java.lang.String getPromptDetails()
        Return the prompt details for the dataset
      • getFilterDetails

        java.lang.String getFilterDetails()
        Return the filter details for the dataset