Interface WebPrivilegeOrigin

  • public interface WebPrivilegeOrigin
    The WebPrivilegeOrigin interface represents a single origin of a privilege. The origin tells both the user that the privilege was derived from, and, if applicable, the role that it was derived from.
    MicroStrategy Web 7.5.2
    • Method Detail

      • getUser

        WebUserEntity getUser()
        Returns the user that the privilege came from. This can be either a group which is a parent of the current user, or the current user itself.
        A WebUser object corresponding to the user or group the privilege comes from.
      • getRole

        WebSecurityRole getRole()
        Returns the WebSecurityRole object, if one exists, that the privilege was obtained as a result of. Note that this may be null - this means that the privilege did not come from a security role.
        The WebSecurityRole object that the privilege came from, or null if it did not come from a security role.
      • isInherited

        boolean isInherited()
        Returns whether the privilege is inherited from a group or not. If this is false, then the privilege is coming from the user itself; if it is true, then the privilege is being inherited from a parent group.
        Whether the privilege is inherited or not.
      • getProject

        WebProject getProject()
        If the security role exists, then this will return the project that the security role is assigned to for this user/privilege. If this origin does not describe a security role, then this method will return null.
        The WebProject object the security role is associated with, or null if no security role is associated.