Interface WebEditablePrivileges

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    public interface WebEditablePrivileges
    extends WebPrivileges
    The WebEditablePrivileges interface represents a read-write collection of WebPrivilegeEntry objects, representing an editable set of privileges. It extends WebPrivileges, and thus provides the same reading methods as that interface. It is generally obtained from the getLocalPrivileges method on the WebUserEntity interface or the getPrivileges method on the WebSecurityRole interface.
    MicroStrategy Web 8.0.0
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      • grant

        WebPrivilegeEntry grant​(int privilege)
        Grants the given privilege to the user. Returns the resultant WebPrivilegeEntry object after granting it. Note that if the collection already contains a privilege of the given type, the existing privilege will be returned.
        privilege - The privilege type to grant, from EnumDSSXMLPrivilegeTypes.
        The newly created WebPrivilegeEntry object.
      • revoke

        void revoke​(int index)
        Revokes the privilege at the given index from the collection.
        index - The index of the privilege to revoke.
      • revoke

        void revoke​(WebPrivilegeEntry privilege)
        Revokes the given privilege. This will remove the privilege from the collection.
        privilege - The WebPrivilegeEntry object to remove from the collection.
      • revokeAll

        void revokeAll()
        Revokes all privileges for the user. This removes all privileges from the collection.