Interface EnumServerState

  • public interface EnumServerState
    This enumeration describes the different states which a server can be in.
    MicroStrategy Web 7.5.0
    • Field Summary

      Modifier and Type Field Description
      static int Paused
      The server is paused.
      static int Pausing
      The server is pausing.
      static int Resuming
      The server is resuming.
      static int Running
      The server is running.
      static int Starting
      The server is starting.
      static int Stopped
      The server is stopped.
      static int Stopping
      The server is stopping.
      static int Terminated
      The server was terminated unexpectedly.
      static int Unknown
      The server state is unknown.
      static int Unloading
      The server is in the process of unloading.