Interface ContactLicenseInfo

  • public interface ContactLicenseInfo
    The ContactLicenseInfo interface represents a single contact’s license information. It contains an array containing the license types the contact uses, a flag as to whether the contact is enabled or not, and a method to return the contact object.
    MicroStrategy Web 10
    • Method Detail

      • getLicenseTypes

        int[] getLicenseTypes()
        Returns the license types for a contact.
        the license types.
      • isEnabled

        boolean isEnabled()
        Returns whether the contact is enabled or not.
        true if the contact is enabled.
      • getContact

        WebSubscriptionComponent getContact()
        Returns the Subscription component object representing a contact.
        the contact object.
      • getContactName

        java.lang.String getContactName()
        Returns the contact name. This is a shortcut method to get contact name.
        the contact name.
      • getContactID

        java.lang.String getContactID()
        Returns the contact DSSID. This is a shortcut method to get contact DSSID.
        the contact DSSID.