Class MobileController

    • Constructor Detail

      • MobileController

        public MobileController()
    • Method Detail

      • initializeApp

        public void initializeApp​(ContainerServices cs)
        Description copied from interface: AppController
        Initialize our web application. Save all persistent data structures back into the implementation class as private data members.
      • processRequest

        public boolean processRequest​(RequestState reqState)
        Description copied from interface: AppController
        Handle an incoming HTTP Request. The state of the incoming request is saved back into the RequestState object for later review by the controller.
      • errorAfterRedirect

        public void errorAfterRedirect​(RequestState reqState,
                                       java.lang.Exception e)
        Description copied from interface: AppController
        Inform the application that the request has failed inside the redirected page
      • getPage

        public java.lang.String getPage​(RequestState reqState)
        Description copied from interface: AppController
        Get the page to redirect to. Must handle the case that an error was found before redirection. In such a case, the page returned should be an error page.
      • getBaseURL

        public java.lang.String getBaseURL​(ContainerServices cs)
        Description copied from interface: AppController
        Returns the root name to use on event links and as the action of the forms generated by the application
      • newExternalSecurity

        public ExternalSecurity newExternalSecurity()
        Description copied from interface: AppController
        Creates new instance of the ExternalSecurity component to be used for authenticating and authorizing users on each of their requests.
        new instance of the ExternalSecurity component.
      • terminateApp

        public void terminateApp()
        Description copied from class: AppControllerImpl
        Subclasses that override this method should invoke this via super.terminateApp to ensure threads and other application related resources are cleaned up properly.
        Specified by:
        terminateApp in interface AppController
        terminateApp in class AppControllerImpl
      • checkLicense

        protected void checkLicense​(Messages messages)
                             throws com.microstrategy.web.controller.MobileControllerException