Interface WebBeanError

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    AppBeanError, AttributeRemappingErrorImpl, WebAppBeanErrorImpl

    public interface WebBeanError
    This interface exposes the necessary methods to retrieve backend error code and error message when any of the Web Beans is interacting with the backend server.

    Transform implementor uses this interface to determine whether there is any error occurred when a WebBean was collecting its data.

    MicroStrategy Web 7.3.1 or earlier
    • Method Detail

      • getErrorCode

        int getErrorCode()
        Returns the error code to the caller. By default the error code is zero.
        the error code set by the last operation on the bean
      • getErrorMessage

        java.lang.String getErrorMessage()
        Return the error message to the caller.
        the error message set by the last operation on the bean.
      • getCause

        java.lang.Throwable getCause()
        Return the cause of the error, if there is any available.
        the cause of the error, if available. Can be null, if there is no embedded exception available.
        MicroStrategy Web 7.5.0