Interface DataExplorerBean

    • Method Detail

      • setAttributeID

        WebBrowseHierarchyItem setAttributeID​(java.lang.String attributeID)
        Sets the next attribute to browse to. The attribute must either be a child attribute of the current attribute (in the hierarchy that the bean corresponds to) or one of the attributes already traversed. If no attribute has been traversed, the attribute should be the root attribute in the dimension. If the attribute set is one of the traversed attributes in the hierarchy the bean rolls back itself to the attribute i.e. it sets itself up as if this was the first time the attribute was visited. Among other things, that implies clearing the previous browse path. Used for incremental browsing, but limited to drill up or down actions.
        attributeID -
        the corresponding WebBrowseHierarchyItem
      • getAttributeID

        java.lang.String getAttributeID()
        Returns the current dimension attribute set.
        the current attribute.
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      • setSearchPattern

        void setSearchPattern​(java.lang.String searchPattern)
        sets the search pattern on the bean. This is relevant only when filter element for the current attribute has'nt been set in the browse path.
        searchPattern - search pattern
      • getSearchPattern

        java.lang.String getSearchPattern()
        the search pattern, if any.
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      • setSearchMatchCase

        void setSearchMatchCase​(boolean match)
        Sets whether the search should be performed with case sensitive.
        match - true for case sensitive search.
      • getSearchMatchCase

        boolean getSearchMatchCase()
        whether search will be performed as case sensitive or not.
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      • elements

        WebDisplayUnits elements()
                          throws WebBeanException
        returns the element collection corresponding to the traversal step (browsing to elements or drillable attributes). Use the javadocs for the class for more details on traversal steps.
        display unit collection that would either hold WebElement objects or WebDimensionAttribute objects.
      • setDataSources

        void setDataSources​(java.lang.String dataSources)
        Sets the data sources xml that will be used for subsequent operations. Ensure this is configured before setting the dimension or browsing.
        dataSources - data sources xml.
      • getBrowsePath

        WebBrowsePath getBrowsePath()
        the current browse path.
      • set

        void set​(WebBrowsePath newPath)
        Sets the new path to browse to. If an existing path already exists, the selected elements of the existing path will be merged into the new path. To create a browse path, see createWebBrowsePath().
        newPath - a new path to browse to.
      • createWebBrowsePath

        WebBrowsePath createWebBrowsePath()
        Creates a new browse path instance. Please ensure that the dimension already configured on this bean (e.g. via ObjectBean.setObjectID(String)) before invoking this method.
        a new browse path (not bound to this bean).