Interface AttributeBean

  • All Superinterfaces:
    EnumWebPersistableState, ObjectBean, Persistable, RequestPersistable, Transformable, WebBean, WebComponent

    public interface AttributeBean
    extends ObjectBean
    This bean is used for browsing attribute elements. By specifying the attribute id or name, this bean will collect the elements belonging to this attribute. The range of the elements is controlled by blockBegin and blockCount defined in super interface ObjectBean. User can further apply restriction about the elements retrieved by setting dimension, filter, browse path, search pattern through this interface. The elements retrieved are returned in getAttributeElements().
    MicroStrategy Web 9.0.0
    • Method Detail

      • getDimensionID

        java.lang.String getDimensionID()
      • setDimensionID

        void setDimensionID​(java.lang.String dim)
      • getSearchPattern

        java.lang.String getSearchPattern()
      • setSearchPattern

        void setSearchPattern​(java.lang.String pattern)
      • setSearchMatchCase

        void setSearchMatchCase​(boolean match)
      • getSearchMatchCase

        boolean getSearchMatchCase()
      • getCollectForms

        boolean getCollectForms()
      • setCollectForms

        void setCollectForms​(boolean value)
      • setDataSources

        void setDataSources​(java.lang.String dataSources)
      • getMessageID

        java.lang.String getMessageID()
      • setMessageID

        void setMessageID​(java.lang.String message)
      • getDataSetID

        java.lang.String getDataSetID()
      • setDataSetID

        void setDataSetID​(java.lang.String dataSet)
      • getControlKey

        java.lang.String getControlKey()
      • setControlKey

        void setControlKey​(java.lang.String controlKey)
      • getTemplateNodeKey

        java.lang.String getTemplateNodeKey()
      • setTemplateNodeKey

        void setTemplateNodeKey​(java.lang.String templateNodeKey)
      • getRawInput

        java.lang.String getRawInput()
      • setRawInput

        void setRawInput​(java.lang.String rawInput)
      • getElementSourceFlags

        int getElementSourceFlags()
        Get the element source flag which will be used in getElement call.
      • setElementSourceFlags

        void setElementSourceFlags​(int flags)
        The flags is used to control the Element ID Format for getElement call, if it is set to 1, it will get terse id format.
        flags - value is false or true.
      • getUseBrowseForm

        boolean getUseBrowseForm()
        Get the useBrowseForm flag which will be used in getElement call.
      • setUseBrowseForm

        void setUseBrowseForm​(boolean useBrowseForm)
        The useBrowseForm is used to control the Element forms for getElement call, if it is set to 1, it will get the browse form.
        useBrowseForm - value is false or true.
      • getUseClientForms

        boolean getUseClientForms()
        Get the useClientForms
      • setUseClientForms

        void setUseClientForms​(boolean useClientForms)
        useClientForms is used to control whether we use search forms sending from client rather than populate it from iserver if it is set to true, it will use client forms
        useClientForms -
      • getClientFormPatterns

        java.lang.String[] getClientFormPatterns()
        Get the Client Form patterns
      • setClientFormPatterns

        void setClientFormPatterns​(java.lang.String[] clientFormPatterns)
        Get the ClientFormPatterns