Class ReportWSDelete

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      • ReportWSDelete

        public ReportWSDelete​(Shortcut s)
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      • isItemAvailable

        public boolean isItemAvailable​(TransformContext context)
        Extends isItemAvailable in the context of the working set by disabling this item in view mode when the working set has only one item. Any time you remove the last template unit from a REPORT (not just grid), you'll get the 'template unit is empty' error when executing it. If you're already in view mode (e.g. the report has been executed), when removing this unit the user will get the error, therefore we want to prevent it, therefore we will not allow users to remove if its the las unit in the working set.
        Specified by:
        isItemAvailable in interface ContextMenuItemBuilder
        isItemAvailable in class ContextMenu.DefaultContextMenuItemBuilder
        context - TransformContext