Class EventInfo

    • Constructor Detail

      • EventInfo

        public EventInfo()
      • EventInfo

        public EventInfo​(java.lang.String eventID)
    • Method Detail

      • getEventID

        public java.lang.String getEventID()
      • setEventID

        public void setEventID​(java.lang.String eventID)
      • getEventIDInt

        public int getEventIDInt()
        Returns the ID of the event that is associated with this task.
        The numeric id of the event to handle.
      • getArgumentInfos

        public HashList getArgumentInfos()
        Returns the list of ArgumentInfo object associated with this event.
        A list of ArgumentInfo objects.
      • addArgumentInfo

        public void addArgumentInfo​(ArgumentInfo argumentInfo)
        Adds an ArgumentInfo object to be associated with this event.
        argumentInfo - The ArgumentInfo object to add.
      • getArgumentInfo

        public ArgumentInfo getArgumentInfo​(java.lang.Object argName)
      • getKeyAttribute

        protected java.lang.String getKeyAttribute()
        Description copied from class: AbstractConfigurationElement
        This method must return the attribute that uniquely identifies this element among its siblings; if no single attribute can be used, return null and override the getKey and setKey methods.
        getKeyAttribute in class AbstractConfigurationElementList