Class ShortcutListPicker

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    GuiElement, ShortcutListElement
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    public class ShortcutListPicker
    extends AbstractShortcutList
    This class takes care of rendering a picker as part of options as provided on a toolbar or editor interface. A picker represents a series of options from where the user can select the manipulation to submit. For example, a list with different font sizes from which the user can pick one and request the selected target object on the interface to be updated with that size.

    The different options can be organized as Shortcut.LOCATION_PREFIX, which will be positioned as the first options on the picker to generate; Shortcut.LOCATION_DEFAULT which will be rendered after the prefix and in the same order as defined on the configuration XML; finally, those defined as Shortcut.LOCATION_SUFFIX will be rendered last.

    MicroStrategy Web 8.0.0
    • Constructor Detail

      • ShortcutListPicker

        public ShortcutListPicker()
    • Method Detail

      • renderElement

        public boolean renderElement​(MarkupOutput out)
        Render the picker with the information provided when this instance was initialized.
        Specified by:
        renderElement in interface GuiElement
        renderElement in class AbstractGuiElement
        out - MarkupOutput instance where the HTML information to display to the user is to be saved.
        boolean value indicating if the render operation was successful or not
      • renderOption

        protected void renderOption​(Tag parent,
                                    Shortcut option)
        Renders a single option as part of the picker. This option will be internally represented by a ShortcutElement instance and then called to be rendered from there.
        parent - the Tag instance that will be the parent of the HTML content to be generated by this method.
        option - Shortcut instance that represents the option to render.
      • getGroupCss

        public java.lang.String getGroupCss()
        Get the css class that will be used on the HTML tag that will act as a wrapper for all the options to be displayed as part of this picker.
        Specified by:
        getGroupCss in interface ShortcutListElement
        getGroupCss in class AbstractShortcutList
        the css class to use for this picker's definition. If the ShortcutList has been assigned, this method actually resolves the name based on the availability of the option and the name of the groupCss as defined for the picker.