Interface UserEntitiesBrowserBean

    • Method Detail

      • getAvailableItems

        UserEntitiesBean getAvailableItems()
        Returns the available users or groups from one of the three sources: (1) all top level user groups; (2) a user group; or (3) search results.
        the available users or groups.
      • getCurrentGroupID

        java.lang.String getCurrentGroupID()
        Returns the object ID of the user group which is being browsed.
        the user group object ID.
      • setCurrentGroupID

        void setCurrentGroupID​(java.lang.String id)
        Sets the object ID of the user group which is being browsed.
        id - the user group object ID.
      • clearCurrentGroup

        void clearCurrentGroup()
        Clears the user group being browsed and the available items.
      • isSearchDefined

        boolean isSearchDefined()
        Indicates whether the available items are obtained from a search.
        true if the available items are ontained from a search.
      • getSearchObject

        WebSearch getSearchObject()
        Returns a WebSearch object from which the available items are obtained.
        a WebSearch object.
      • clearSearch

        void clearSearch()
        Clears the WebSearch object and the available items.
      • setTopLevelGroupsUserEntityBean

        void setTopLevelGroupsUserEntityBean​(java.lang.String key)